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Marie has been writing for fun all her life, and professionally since 2002. She has spent the past fifteen years looking for new ways to approach storytelling. From games, to scripts, to prose, she is always looking for new ways to develop her skills.


Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

A post-apocalyptic MMO set in 2156.

In a world destroyed by nuclear war and mutating viruses, players take the role of clones forging their way through the wasteland, forming alliances and choosing to either rebuild or destroy the fledgling civilizations they encounter.

Fallen Earth is a free-to-play game for PC, published by GamersFirst and available to download here.

Oblivion’s Edge

Oblivion’s Edge

Oblivion’s Edge is a twin-stick shooter inspired by our favorite arcade and bullet-hell shooters. This game is still in development; coming soon for PC, Mac, Linux, and Sony PlayStation 4.

Hello Kitty: World of Friends

Hello Kitty: World of Friends

Help Hello Kitty meet new friends and go on exiting adventures! A narrative-driven game that takes players through the World of Hello Kitty, interacting with Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, My Melody, and all her friends!

Read examples of the scripts that were written for the game in this PDF!

Wingsuit Cute

Wingsuit Cute

Navigate over 100 levels of cliffs, trees, deserts, and snowy mountains with five adorable animals. Perform tricks, dives, and airbrakes to collect snackies and treats to raise your score and win ribbons!

Wingsuit Cute is available on both iOS and Android.

Penguin Problems

Penguin Problems

Penguin Problems is a physics-based mobile puzzle game. The faster you tap, the more momentum the penguins gain. Tap too fast and they can slip right off the edge of the ice. Tap too slow and they might encounter obstacles like fragile ice, grumpy polar bears, and leaping orcas!

Penguin Problems is free-to-play, and is available on both iOS and Android.

Published Writing

As Marie Croall or Marie P. Croall


Story & Media Publishing
Cover of Shelter

Katie’s nearly perfect life is violently disrupted when she is attacked inside of a parking garage. The senseless act of violence unleashes dormant supernatural abilities that save her from her attacker, but also take a terrible, and ultimately, unbearable toll. Reeling from the shock of a life suddenly gone awry, she takes to the streets where she befriends the streetwise Jenny, who manages to get Katie a spot at a women’s shelter. Katie attempts to use her power to help some of the shelter’s residents, only to find that the consequences are far more tragic than she could have imagined.

Available for purchase from comiXology.

“Shelter is about the one moment when your life goes horribly wrong, and the only thing you find yourself doing is making it worse.” — Marie Steel

Finding Nemo: Reef Rescue

BOOM! Kids
Cover of Finding Nemo: Reef Rescue

The biggest selling DVD of all time comes to comics! Nemo, Dory, and Marlin have become local heroes, and are recruited to embark on an all-new adventure. Their reef is mysteriously dying and no one knows why! Facing dangerous waters and incredible odds, Nemo travels the great blue sea to save the one thing that matters most of all — home.

Read the PDF manuscript for Book 3 of the series here.

Purchase now on Amazon.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Devil’s Due
Cover of Voltron: Defender of the Universe Omnibus

An unbelievable legend thought lost forever! Five mythical and technological ships that combine to form the greatest defender the universe has ever known! A desperate journey to recover these lost wonders takes five men from Earth and into a galactic war that threatens to consume all! Witness the rise of Voltron and the Voltron Force!

Marie was author of issues #2,3,4, and 10 of this series. Available for purchase from Amazon.

Under His Spell: My Boyfriend Is A Monster #4

Lerner Publishing
Cover of Under His Spell

Bethany Farmer’s life is a boring high school routine, and she likes it that way. Soccer, coffee, homework, more coffee, and no goofy romance. That is, until foreign exchange student Allein Atwood shows up in her Midwestern town, and her life turns epically weird. Allein has unearthly good looks, princely politeness, and a bunch of goofy, romantic pick-up lines. But is his country really so foreign that they don't know anything about soccer? Or coffee?

Read the manuscript for the novel here.

Available from Amazon.

Ali Baba: Fooling the Forty Thieves

Lerner Publishing
Cover of Ali Baba: Fooling the Forty Thieves

From the pages of Arabian Nights comes an amazing tale of chance and adventure. Ali Baba, a poor man who makes his living selling wood, stumbles upon a secret cave where 40 bandits have been hiding priceless treasures. He enters the cave and decides to take some treasures for himself. Ali Baba’s wife is thrilled at their newfound fortune—but when she borrows a scale to weigh the riches, Ali Baba’s secret gets out. Now that the secret is revealed, will Ali Baba be able to keep his fortune? Or will the bandits get their revenge?

Purchase now on Amazon.

Psyche and Eros: The Lady and the Monster

Lerner Publishing
Cover of Psyche and Eros: The Lady and the Monster

In ancient Greece, a princess rises to a challenge: Psyche lives in the comfort of her parents’ wealthy kingdom. But when her beauty draws the jealous anger of the powerful goddess Aphrodite, Psyche finds herself in great danger. She is taken away to an isolated mountain to marry a monster. Will Psyche find love after all with her mysterious new husband? Or will she fall prey to Aphrodite’s revenge?

Available from Amazon.

Marwe: Into the Land of the Dead

Lerner Publishing
Cover of Marwe: Into the Land of the Dead

From an East African village, into the Land of the Dead: Marwe lives in a village where food is scarce. She tries to be obedient, but it’s hard to spend every day working in the fields. When her carelessness ruins the village’s crops, she’s too scared to face her angry family and runs away—to the strange Land of the Dead. Marwe knows she doesn’t belong there. But can she find the right sort of courage to return to the land of the living?

Available from Amazon.

Sinbad: Sailing into Peril

Lerner Publishing
Cover of Sinbad: Sailing into Peril

Adapted from Arabian Nights Volume I: The Marvels and Wonders of the Thousand and One Nights.

Available from Amazon.

School of Evil: Twisted Journeys #13

Lerner Publishing
Cover of School of Evil

At Darkham Academy, the teachers are creepy, monsters lurk in the lab, and your dorm room is haunted! Can you survive the first day of school and finish your homework on time? Every Twisted Journeys® graphic novel lets YOU control the action by choosing which path to follow. Which twists and turns will your journey take?

Download the manuscript!

Available from Amazon.

Agent Mongoose and the Attack of the Giant Insects: Twisted Journeys #15

Lerner Publishing
Cover of Agent Mongoose and the Attack of the Giant Insects

As Agent Mongoose, the world’s greatest super-spy, you’ve saved the planet more than once. But when giant insects attack, will your martial arts training and high-tech gear be enough to defeat them? Every Twisted Journeys® graphic novel lets YOU control the action by choosing which path to follow. Which twists and turns will your journey take?

Available from Amazon.

Vampirella: Halloween Trick & Treat #1

Harris Comics
Cover of Vampirella: Halloween Trick & Treat #1

8-pg short story: Ophidia’s past has come back to haunt her, as a dangerous cult seeks to make her their latest offering. Unfortunately for them, Ophidia is way more than she appears.

Available for purchase from Amazon.

Moonstone Noir: The Lone Wolf

Cover of Moonstone Noir: The Lone Wolf

Updated the classic pulp hero, introducing Michael Lanyard’s apprentice, Michelle Hunter. Blackmailed into an impossible job by the Theives Guild, Michelle has to pull of the heist of her career, while keeping her secrets hidden from those closest to her.

Available for purchase from Amazon.

Coming Soon

Death’s Detective

When Private Investigator Anna Green takes on a new client, she finds herself in a world she never knew existed: the world of Reapers, supernatural beings sent to collect the dead. One of these Reapers has been murdered, and his best friend, the soft-spoken David, has hired Anna to find his killer. Anna must learn the rules of this strange new world to uncover a killer that can wield unimaginable power.

The first chapter is available in this downloadable PDF.

Food Fight

A group of friends on a camping trip discover that they’re on the menu for both a cannibal family and a group of zombies.

Please review the screenplay with this downloadable PDF.